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Drubbing for the Windies

November 16, 2011

It’s amazing how the mood of one innings can be so different from another. And how a pitch can behave so differently to two different teams within the space of 2 days. No, clearly, one team is more capable than the other. Summing up the dismissals of the West Indian batsmen in their first innings is of, virtually, no meaning. That’s because the same men showed way more application two hours later. I was delighted to watch the lengths that Umesh Yadav hit today. It gave him results straight away! Bravo and Samuels weren’t quite expecting the lengths that they got. Ashwin’s slider worked well against Chanderpaul and he’s proving a handful to all the left handers there. Amongst the heap of wickets this morning, it was very easy for people to forget Ojha’s contribution. The lad is doing his job in a very efficient manner.

 Carlton Baugh should quickly realize that he can’t get away playing across the  wicket to these spinners. He kept on doing that and that was ridiculous. For all the skill he’s got, he should play straight. I do not rate Marlon Samuels as a test batsman at all. And I can’t comprehend the absence of Lendl Simmons here, given his form this year and the fact that he’s never attempted to murder anyone from THE WICB. Of course, I can start about the other selection howlers but I’ll let that come sometime later.

 India’s plan is very very clear. Ishant and Ashwin for left handers; Ojha and  Umesh for right handers. I now wonder if, while picking a test squad, the wise men choose a careful combination to bowl well against both right and left handers.  Ishant is putting in a lot of effort but he’s still inconsistent. He’s not bowling badly at all and more importantly, doesn’t seem troubled by that ankle.

 Barath and Edwards played late and showed better application in the second essay. Edwards continues to play that loose cut short of balls wide outside off stump. He looks strong on the on side though. Bravo hit one six off Ashwin and Dhoni immediately pushed the man to long on. What confidence will that give the bowler? We all know how many runs India have and the skipper set pathetic fields today.

 The only hope for the visitors in Mumbai would be a better pitch.


Eden test, day 2

November 15, 2011

New ball for spin?

 Ojha and Ashwin looked threatening with the new ball. I hope spinners around the world take note. The new ball bounces more and offers a more pronounced seam for your grip. I know spinners’ opening the bowling is not new but more captains can use this phenomenon better in various situations, especially in tests! As an attacking option!  (I still hate Dhoni)


When the Windies were bowling early on day 2, it looked an absolute farce. Someone like Bishoo should never bowl around the wickets. If he’s going to bowl two short balls an over and still leak runs, what’s the point? And to watch West Indies, out of all teams, going through the motions on a pitch like this, was sad. An old gentleman sitting behind me was livelier than Roach and Edwards on this pitch. India, as a home team, knows how to exploit these conditions, but in my opinion, this is far from a ‘test match pitch’. Because what do visiting teams do? They’re left clueless and that’s not a contest you want to watch. Sammy, inside their playing XI, isn’t helping the cause at all.

Looking forward

Bravo has to attack. Chanderpaul has to play another Delhi like innings. That will remove some of the bat-pad men and West Indies have to do that as soon as possible on day 3. Things will get easier for them as the ball grows old. Both Ashwin and Ojha depend a lot on their grip on the ball and that will get softer as the ball grows older. I was very impressed with the shape Umesh Yadav was getting today. But I fail to understand the length he continues to bowl. I’ll look forward to big knocks from Bravo and Baugh.


A friend recommended BarBQ on Park Street and it’s certainly a lovely place to hang around, considering the incredible amount of filth in the other parts of the city. The weather and the traffic policemen bring a touch of Bangalore here. Here’s hoping for good sunshine and a more even contest between bat and ball on day 3. I’ll be happy with WI being 6 down by stumps. That will make it 14 wickets for India on the last 2 days.