Eden test, day 2

New ball for spin?

 Ojha and Ashwin looked threatening with the new ball. I hope spinners around the world take note. The new ball bounces more and offers a more pronounced seam for your grip. I know spinners’ opening the bowling is not new but more captains can use this phenomenon better in various situations, especially in tests! As an attacking option!  (I still hate Dhoni)


When the Windies were bowling early on day 2, it looked an absolute farce. Someone like Bishoo should never bowl around the wickets. If he’s going to bowl two short balls an over and still leak runs, what’s the point? And to watch West Indies, out of all teams, going through the motions on a pitch like this, was sad. An old gentleman sitting behind me was livelier than Roach and Edwards on this pitch. India, as a home team, knows how to exploit these conditions, but in my opinion, this is far from a ‘test match pitch’. Because what do visiting teams do? They’re left clueless and that’s not a contest you want to watch. Sammy, inside their playing XI, isn’t helping the cause at all.

Looking forward

Bravo has to attack. Chanderpaul has to play another Delhi like innings. That will remove some of the bat-pad men and West Indies have to do that as soon as possible on day 3. Things will get easier for them as the ball grows old. Both Ashwin and Ojha depend a lot on their grip on the ball and that will get softer as the ball grows older. I was very impressed with the shape Umesh Yadav was getting today. But I fail to understand the length he continues to bowl. I’ll look forward to big knocks from Bravo and Baugh.


A friend recommended BarBQ on Park Street and it’s certainly a lovely place to hang around, considering the incredible amount of filth in the other parts of the city. The weather and the traffic policemen bring a touch of Bangalore here. Here’s hoping for good sunshine and a more even contest between bat and ball on day 3. I’ll be happy with WI being 6 down by stumps. That will make it 14 wickets for India on the last 2 days.



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One Comment on “Eden test, day 2”

  1. S Vishwanath Says:

    New ball will never be given to spinners world over cos they just have terrific pacemen to exploit it better. N only finger spinners can relish it bein new. wrist spinners cant even dream of it

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