The Centurion ODI

The schedule for this series is something I admire and something from which other boards badly need to learn from. The 5 ODIs are spread over 3 weekends and matches held only on Fridays and Sundays. Fridays host the day nighters while Sundays host the day games. Brilliant. Very unfortunately, the first game in Jo’Burg was a washout.

The quality of bowling has deteriorated drastically over the past decade. Here’s a short list of bowlers, I feel are far from international class.

Tim Bresnan

Sajid Mahmood

Pragyan Ojha

Praveen Kumar

Mitchell Jihnson

Nathan Hauritz

Johan Botha

Some have been very successful recently and I’m sure I’ll be taking some stick for some of those names. But I’m pretty sure none of these would have found a spot in national teams ten years ago.

Such an elite English county format has not been able to produce bowlers better than Mahmood and Plunkett.

Coming to the match, SA badly need to find a replacement for Amla in the one day set up. Amla is good, very good but I’m sure SA has someone better. After the quick dismissals of Smith and AB, Duminy should have played with some caution but continued with his natural flair. His casual shot resulted in a simple caught behind. I have wanted James Anderson to flourish and establish himself as international class and I’m pleased with his success. He’s a very natural bowler and keeps himself athletic and fit.

Apart from Anderson, the bowling attack consisted of Wright, Mahmood, Bresnan and Rashid. Two of them belong to my list above and the other two weren’t too successful. SA fell to the dibbly dobbly cutters and medium pace from Trott and Collingwood. They gave an impression of a very sluggish wicket. And the same pair demolished SA’s bowlers and won the match for England with their bats. They had to start watchfully and they did that. SA did not have good enough slow bowlers. Both Colly and Trott enjoyed the ball coming on nicely to the bat. It was a stroke filled partnership and Colly ended up with plenty of reasons to celebrate for.

Most capped English ODI player

2nd highest in the list of ODI run getters for England

An extremely effective bowling spell

A match winning century

Its amazing to observe the kind of maturity batsmen display immediately on arrival to the international scene. Trott’s going to be a huge asset to this English team. Duminy is another who gives us the impression that he’s here to stay for a long time. Marcus North, Umer Akmal and Grant Elliot among others are the ones to watch out for in the coming decade. Alviro Petersen was the only batsman to put up a steady innings. SA had a chance when Strauss and KP fell quickly but they couldn’t make further breakthroughs. This was a match to remember for Collingwood and Trott.

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2 Comments on “The Centurion ODI”

  1. ragz Says:

    Quit the unjust bashing. I’m not saying that Johnson is the best bowler around but to be on that list is absolutely ridiculous. I can think of a floppidy gillion bowlers who at this point of time, do not belong to the same league.U say Praveen Kumar….well I say that all the pacemen that India has produced in the previous decade are not upto his standard..Come on dude..we used to open the bowling with Prasad.
    Well ten years back and another ten back….he would’ve walked into the indian team.
    It’s tough to get into an australian team that has Fleming and Lee or Gellespie and lee as the no. 2 and no.3 bowler but he sure could’ve cakewalked into an australian team that has fielded the likes of rifle and kasprowics.
    Hauritz too would’ve walked into a team that has fielded gavin robertson.
    It is impossible to compare Warne and hence I shall refrain from doin so. Such bowlers are born once in “however long there’s been test cricket”.
    I’m not predicting anyone’s future here….coz we’ve all seen how special talents can diappear and how even the most “ordinary at first site” can become legends.
    But just by the look of it, this list seems unfair….rather, it looks incomplete…and a li’ll biased
    and hence i reiterate my question “Mr. WHEN ARE YOU GONNA GIVE UP YOUR ANTI-AUSSIE ATTITUDE????”

    P.S. I do agree that the australian and english domestic setup should be producing bigger talents but that does’nt make Johnson worse than Pathan,Patel,Khan,Nehra,watson,shreesant,o’brien,Tim Southee,Kyle mills and theres lots more.
    For Christ’s sake, He was ICC cricketer of the year

  2. vishwanath Says:

    Johnson,PK are surely international class, The others are agreeable (Botha w/o doosra is not good enough) but Bresnan and Hauritz are fast improving bowlers……..Bresnan is bowling really well at the death and Hauritz is surely improving….Ojha is still a handful for a team like newzealand who dont even understand conventional spin let alone the variations……….. its okay to have personal likes and dislikes……..but please voice your judgement based only on merit……..Merit includes statistics

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