The Aussie summer is here

One battle is over and another begins. They’re up against Australia straight away after the war with WICB. But a full strength WI side is back playing cricket. That’s the good news. Things haven’t started well with Gayle having to go back to Jamaica to be alongside his sick mother. Thankfully, he’s back and his twitter updates were good news for cricket fans in tense times. Sarwan has injured himself and isn’t playing the first test. That’s a huge blow.

Had Gayle been held up for a few more days, Dinesh Ramdin could have captained a WI test side in Australia. Few would have imagined that possibility. Fidel Edwards is in a mess now with his injury and the board has delayed his contract award. He participated in the IPL and didn’t pay heed to the board’s advice and it has proved costly now. Nobody wants to miss the plane to Australia’s test summer. So with Fidel out, Roach,Taylor and Tonge should take the fast bowling duties along with Benn taking the spinner’s spot. Rampaul is is playing ahead of Tonge but Tonge should provide better stability to the attack. He’s accurate, very similar to Stuar Clark and a little pacier than Munaf Patel.

Devon Smith and Darren Ganga are missing and young Adrian Barath should take this opportunity with both hands.

Meanwhile, Australia continue to open with Watson. He’s offering an extra bowling option but can’t continue as an opener. Hussey has kept his place and that’s a fine decision by the selectors. But there’s no Stuey. They say they have the Ashes of next season in mind and that’s rubbish. Every test series has become a lead up to the following Ashes. Every ODI series has become a lead up to the folllowing World Cup.  Why aren’t they playing for the pride of winning every series they play?

It’s a big test of patience for Lee as he’s out due to yet another recurrence of his elbow trouble. He has to be back, in place of Johnson. Hauritz has done no harm to his chances with consistent performances in India recently.

Tonge will surely get his chances in the eleven. He just needs to keep up the hard work and stay fit.

This is the start of a long summer for Australia and could be make or break for Ponting’s future as test captain. He’s been Taylor’s bunny over the past few years but Benn is the man I feel will trouble Ponting the most. Johnson vs Nash  is another battle to watch out for as they’ve been house mates in Queensland while Nash lived there. This should be a great experience for Roach. He,along with Benn hold they key and if the Aussie batsmen are kept under control, WI will have the upper hand. Johnson and Hauritz are far from dangerous and Siddle is quite manageable although he’s always on the money.  Hilfenhaus is going to be the biggest threat.

Heart is with the West Indies. It’s up to them to ensure Micheal Clarke walks out for the toss along with Andrew Strauss,next Australian summer.



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4 Comments on “The Aussie summer is here”

  1. vishwanath Says:

    awesome………… i too wud love to see clarke doing the toss with strauss………sarwan n edwards will be missed though

  2. ragz Says:

    “Johnson and Hauritz are far from dangerous and Siddle is quite manageable although he’s always on the money. Hilfenhaus is going to be the biggest threat.”
    It’s been quite a while since we’ve had a drunk debate about your religon(cricket) but somehow you dont fail to provoke me.This entire stanza of your well written poetry save the last line is apparently based on the recently concluded one-day series in INDIA…’apparently’.Johnson, for me continues to remain the biggest threat..not because he was ICC cricketer of the year…but because….you give him his kind of pitch and he’s sure to perform.If Guwahti was anything to go by, I can assure you that he’s not bad with the short stuff either. It’s just that he cannot produce spell after spell with the same consistency of Mcgrath or Stuart Clarke.(Mr. Gayle:Beware of his outswinger, to a left hander i.e.).He is definitely the spearhead of this aussie attack.So please,lets not write him off.
    Hauritz again, maybe didn’t work wonders in India but neither did the so lamely titled ‘turbanator’. He does work a wonderful drift away from the right hander and can turn the ball sharply at the same time. Just on the basis of skill, and maybe not his statistics, I think he’s got a future and will pose a problem for the Windies.
    Peter Siddle, I feel, is definitely consistent with his line & length and bowls with a lot of heart but lacks the skill or guile possessed by his teammates or predecessors.He’s probably an upgraded version of Bichel(all heart but not very effective). Though, he can be effective with drying up runs(hopefully, he’ll know his role).
    Hilfenhaus is not someone I’ve followed closely before India…so I reserve my comment.
    So Mr….. When r u goin to give up your anti-aussie attitude?

    • SJK Says:

      How many overs can Johnson bowl in a spell? Think him out, I say. Put your body behind the ball. Leave the ones you need to. The wides will start coming. The unnecessary short ones will start coming. Throw him out of the attack. In one day cricket, he’s surely someone who can get a couple of wickets because of the frenzy with which modern day batsmen bat. Purely out of the hurry, Johnson will be gifted with a few wickets. You say he lacks consistency and that’s exactly what you need at test level. He’s been a very lucky boy till now.He may continue to be lucky. But Lee,Hilfyand Clark/Siddle is a better bet. Coming to Hauritz, hes ordinary.So ordinary that Boycott’s mum would hit him out of the park ball after ball.
      Nothing anti Aussie for the sake of it. I still love watching Hilfy,North, Hussey and Haddin.

  3. vishwanath Says:

    Mr.Ragz……….i love ur comment calling siddle an upgraded version of Bichel………its so objective and really puts siddle into perspective………tats a nail hit on its head……….am stayin away from the Johnson debate right now though

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