Game 2, Nagpur

I couldn’t watch India’s batting and fortunately or unfortunately, I can’t comment on Dhoni’s innings. Harsha Bhogle has called it classy and Kris Srikanth has ‘seen the old Dhoni’. I congratulate the man on his success.
Dhoni has won this one for India while Sachin, Viru and Yuvraj are due. Beware Australia.
Good to see Raina in such form. I want him to be the Lara of India. Gambhir has displayed amazing consistency and is an inspiration for aspiring batsmen in India.

Once a target of 355 has been set, the energy levels and the atmosphere is altogether different in the second innings and the fielding team is on top.
Shane Watson was surely not expecting that bouncer off Ishant’s first ball and his wicket was just out of the blue. Sachin’s catch at slip was firm proof of his fitness.
As I had mentioned in my report of the Challenger final, the pitch at Nagpur was a beauty. It looked newish and offered great bounce and carry for Ishant Sharma. Australia simply cannot complain about the bounce, or the lack of it. They can expect bad bounce in the next game at Delhi though, if the Champions League is any indication.
Coming to Ponting’s dismissal, the ball moved in off the pitch and was not an inswinger as mentioned repeatedly by television commentators whereas Tim Paine’s LBW was off a fine inswinger.Praveen Kumar was his usual self with the new ball.

Hussey seems to have jumped out of his bad patch and is timing the ball well. He is waiting for the ball to come as close to him as possible and that’s a sign of confidence. Australia would hope he carries this kind of form to the test matches as well.

With a mountain of runs to play with, I thought it was a good chance for Harbhajan to find some form, especially with the left handed Hussey batting.May be the dew affected his grip, he was hardly bowling any off spin from his second over onwards. His off spin looked spoilt.( Hussey struck 3 boundaries off his first over) Once Voges came to the wicket, Bhajji reduced the number of quicker ones and settled down a bit. With so much of dew, one would have expected free flow of runs off Yuvraj and Harbhajan but the duo kept things very tight.

Ravindra Jadeja impressed once again with his accurate and intelligent bowling.He could be a solution for the allrounder’s slot in foreign conditions provided, he gains further fluency in his batting. Hussey’s good innings came to an end with a ball that gripped and turned and Hussey was never expecting that amount of turn. Cameron White just had to get out as the required run rate was well over 10 rpo.

The only positive for India(bowling wise) was perhaps the return of pace and rythym for Ishant. Its a good opportunity for him to build some confidence from this game and he should be grateful to the batsmen.

Laxman Sivaramakrishnan among others described this to be a better bowling performance by India but all this was a result of the 354 runs the batting unit had put up.

I wonder how people like Robin Jackmann tolerate with the idiots here.

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4 Comments on “Game 2, Nagpur”

  1. Tashi Says:

    Watch it on youtube I say. That flat six was murder. Can’t see a Lara in Raina. He hath not them eyes nor the quicksilver footwork. But he does seem a lot better against the short stuff these days. Hope the improvement continues.

  2. vishwanath Says:

    the ball moved in off the pitch and was not an inswinger ………..dont understand………please explain………. n i’m surprised u rate Robin Jackman high………n it was a better bowling performance of course……. it was not as if the aussie top order threw away their wickets…….. all the top 3 got out playin defensive shots n not attackin ones…….all 3 deliveries were beauties……..

    • SJK Says:

      an inswinger doesn’t require any assistance off the pitch. this particular ball i’m talking about moved in after pitching, like an in cutter.
      the pressure of chasing 350 is simply too high. The pressure is always on the batsmen. Normal balls are made to look like beauties by the batsmen. That was not a testing situation for the bowlers. The batsmen need not throw their wickets away. The very fact that they got out to defensive shots mean they were forced into a mindset of playing a very long innings to chase that mammoth score. They weren’t making the bowlers think too much. I’m not saying the bowling was bad. It was not the right time to judge that bowling unit after it’s poor performance in Vadodara.

      • vishwanath Says:

        ur explanation on the inswinger is fine……. but its something very rarely differentiated. technically wat u say is perfect but people generally extend the word inswinger to in cutters too………. more so for outswingers…. but ur view on the bowling is unbelievably far fetched…….. i’m commenting too late i guess……..cudn’t comment earlier

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