Save the ODI

Just when there was talk of decline in test cricket, six back to back tests between the top two test teams in the world produced a scoreline of 3-3. India toured New Zealand and won it’s first series in a few decades.( No comments on the Frank Worrel trophy please) And now when there are cries for revising the 50 over format, Australia and England have produced two fine matches.

220 to 250 was the score all of us used to enjoy some 5 years back. The last few years have been producing belters all over the world and 300 plus totals were commonplace. 7 one dayers are a touch too much as I said, but the games have been a good enough exhibition of the format. 250 odd in the first two and England have 228 in the third game as I write this. England were chasing 250 in the second. They were on course when 4 quick wickets fell for 25 odd runs.Morgan, Luke Wright and Bresnan, on another day would have given enough support to Collingwood. I still thoroughly enjoy the following aspects of the one day format –

  • The first 10 overs ( the first couple of powerplays)
  • The singles and doubles in the middle overs
  • Running between the wickets
  • The big shots and the improvisations during the slog overs
  • Planning of an innings
  • Planning of a spell of bowling
  • Field setting in the middle overs
  • Bowling at the death
  • The time of introduction of the batting powerplay
  • And of course the different pitches and conditions we get to see every new tournament

Sachin Tendulkar is more than God to me. He says he was thinking about 2 innings of 25 overs each in a one day game
after those consecutive whitewashes against Sri Lanka last Champions Trophy. Now with t20 continuing successfully, I do not want any tampering of the 50 over format. All we need is sporting pitches. The batting powerplay is a really good addition and that should do for now. The media has played a big role in causing this danger for the 50 over game. Two innings of 25 overs or 40 overs per innings games  will, without doubt, take away quality from the game.
What actually is wrong with the ODIs??

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2 Comments on “Save the ODI”

  1. Tashi Says:

    Sporting pitches are a must anyways no? Regardless of the format a right and proper contest between bat and ball will always be awesome. No format is dying but any of them can get killed.

  2. KK Says:

    I’ve written on the same theme here.

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