Meaningless fixtures

The prospect of a closely contested three test series between old rivals New Zealand and Australia early next year was mouthwatering. The schedule has been changed and its a two test affair now. The reasons are as follows –
1.Pakistan host New Zealand for a three test series IN NEW ZEALAND. Yes, they’re hosting it in Kiwi land.
2.NZ host Bangladesh for a one off test following the Pakistan series.
To me, this is ridiculous and sad.
Not accommodating 3 tests for the Aussies due to the above reasons causes harm to none other than the Kiwi test players. The test team would benefit a lot if they play a full fledged 3 test series.

Now the FTP says NZ host Pakistan for 3 tests and 5 ODIs next summer. What happens to that? These are the sort of  things which affect viewership and attendance in test cricket.Just goes to show the significance of commerce in today’s game.

How often have we seen a touring team play better and better as a series progresses..Ive noticed visiting teams play to near full capabilities when they enter the 3rd test of the tour.My point here holds good for teams visiting countries with significantly unfamiliar conditions(and of course when both teams are well matched). So I dont see Bangladesh as a competetive unit for that one off test in that far off piece of land.What is the purpose of that one off test? Money? Good relations between the boards? Satisfying ICC’s FTP?
Why dont we have 3 test or 5 test series alone? Lets ban any tour of one or two tests. There’s simply no cricketing meaning in them. And let us have one day tournaments consisting of 3 or 5 matches. Tri series tournaments should have the teams playing each other atleast twice before the final. And this Twenty20 World Cup once in two years is simply not digestible. We cannot afford anything more than one off T20 games in a single tour.

England and Australia are playing 7 one day matches.Way too much.There’s a tri series underway in Sri Lanka where
the teams meet each other just once before the final.Way too short.I’d like to see all these meaningless fixtures scrapped in the upcoming FTP. Money can wait at the rear end of the queue. Lets organise our cricket in a more attractive manner.

P.S. – Ive mentioned ODIs all the way since I still believe the ODIs are well and truly alive.More on the 50 over format coming up soon.

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