The Caribbean Crisis

I start with the Frank Worrel trophy in the Caribbean when they had a weak but developing team. They managed to win a test match against England at Jamaica last season thanks to one fine spell of fast bowling from Jerome Taylor.The series was then won by batting out long periods and drawing the remaining games. Although that wasnt ideal cricket, they still some deserve credit to manage that 1-0 win.
Then came the return tour to England which wasnt too exciting to the Windies cricketers. Captain Gayle reported less than 48 hours from the start of the first test.Courtesy – IPL Season II. Dwayne Bravo wasnt picked in the national squad because he was ‘not fit to play test cricket’. I remember the way in which he fielded for the Mumbai Indians and there were no signs of him being unfit. England won and comprehensively so.

West Indies then reached the semifinal of the ICC World T20 and on the day of the semi final, the players were made to sign ICC contracts so that West Indies werent disqualified from the event.

All issues regarding the contracts and player pay between WICB and the WIPA cropped up.The best fifteen players decided to boycott the Bangladesh series and as a cricket fan, I felt so ashamed  to see a second string West Indies team get whitewashed by Bangladesh. It is hard to guess whos on the wrong side but there has been more than a source which suggests both WIPA and WICB havent been doing to the best of their abilities.

There has been talk of rewarding the B team players and that’s rubbish.Even Joel Garner feels this way,along with the selectors and I can’t uderstand why. The WIPA is a pretty weak association  and houses not more than 20 cricketers. So when the board didnt get the top 20, they were always going to find 15 other individuals either playing for their universities or at their backyards.If you want to reward them for what they’ve done in the last series,by retaining them when better players are available, you should never be a cricket administrator.
Meetings between the board and Ramnarine’s men went nowhere and a mediator was appointed to conduct effective talks to try and solve the issue.This was done by CARICOM and the Guyanese President. It’s really sad and frustrating that all talks with the mediator failed.Here’s the mediator’s report. Although there seems to be no other report he has submitted to the President of Guyana, Mr.Bharrat Jagdeo, this far from looks like a report. In fact,Mr. Ramphal (the
mediator) himself says that his report contains his thoughts after all those meetings. Was that what Mr. Jagdeo looking for? Those thoughts do suggest that Mr.Ramphal is one of the well wishers of Windies cricket but has he done enough? What did he actually do? He had been given such a crucial job and I fear he hasnt been effective at all.

Why doesnt Ramnarine bring the top 100 odd cricketers in the region into the WIPA? This will weaken the board and in turn help the ICC take strong decisions against the board. The board then would be answerable to the governments and CARICOM and better administrators would fall in place.

Meanwhile Ramnarine seems to have gone on a vacation to Tobago with his family making himself unavailable for some of the meetings. Ramphal and Ramnarine have accused the Board of producing a document from nowhere( containing things which were never discussed at the meetings) and of selecting the second string team for the Champions Trophy when Gayle and his men were available. Both look atrocious. Tim May has said that the WICB has breached ICC regulations in not picking the best 15 players for the global event. WHAT IS THE ICC DOING??

Meanwhile the coach Dyson is gone for not signing a contract for 18 months. He says the first contract document given to him was addressed to Mr.Bennet King. I wonder what kind of people work for WICB.

The most likely event now is all matters being taken to the Caribbean Court of Justice.

Australia is awaiting the West Indies this summer and who knows, there could be two day tests even wthout the use of the umpire referral system.

Who is the saviour now? WIPA? Gayle and co.? Julian Hunte? Mr. Jagdeo? The governments? CARICOM? The ICC?
Is this the place where Gary Sobers came from? Brian Lara.. Viv Richards. and all those?!!

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