England all the way

I cant explain the Aussie batsmen’s dismissals with too many cricketing reasons. The atmosphere had England written all over it. That’s how I felt while watching it. Broad did the damage but we shouldn’t ignore the good work done by Anderson and Flintoff at the start of the innings. Pressure was exerted right from the beginning. England would have had more than a laugh during Harmy’s batting and that last wicket partnership would have taken some excitement away from the visitors. The openers were kept quiet and there was no room for Watson to do a Dilshan. The makeshift opener has had three half centuries in as many innings and he just had to get out.

  If there’s one bowler who has progressed through the series its Broad and not Johnson. Broad has always been bowling well while Johnson was poor in the first three tests. He was okay in the fourth and the talk of his directional issues is back. He got a wicket on the first day here and then bowled a wide one ball later. This is why Ive never been a fan of him. Broad though had been warming up for this kind of a spell. He has been hitting the right spots since Cardiff. He showed great improvement at Leeds and he’s got his reward here. And he’s put so much into his batting.

 Now Johnson has had a torrid series and he was always going to be a gamble. I would have still gone for Lee in his place. You didn’t pick him for Leeds (where he was fit and ready) because of lack of match practice. He played the practice game before the fifth test and performed well. If you still aren’t going to pick your country’s No. 1 bowler, you are  adamant. Yes, Hilfy, Siddle and Mitch performed against South Africa and deserve the rewards but they cant be called as the country’s top three test bowling options so soon. (Andrew Hilditch did) What wrong did Lee do? Johnson has had four bad outings while Lee is itching to be back and is this what you do?

 Australia now have serious problems at the top of the order. Katich worked hard for his fifty but is not in ideal form. Watson simply cannot open for Australia in tests. Even his bowling is far from effective. Chris Rogers and Phil Jacques should be back in contention.

 Coming back to the game,

 Watson – Should have been forward but went back sensing the movement of the ball towards his pads. Suicidal mistake

 Ponting – How many times have you seen him getting bowled off an inside edge?

  Hussey – Please don’t drop him (I’m expecting Hilditch  to do that). Hes another who has had a torrid run. Very good ball to receive early in your innings. Quick, sharp inward movement and caught in front.

  North – Unlucky. Looked solid again but as I said, the all English atmosphere might have just influenced the umpire’s decision.

  Haddin –  Believe me. I jumped out of the sofa when the ball hit the stumps. Beauty. Real beauty. I still dream of getting a batsman out in that fashion.

 Katich – It was England’s day after all. He wasn’t going to survive for too long.


I wanted Freddie to be the killer today and its someone who could be his successor. He cant match the aura that Flintoff carries, can’t create the theatre Flintoff does but can surely become a fine and regular allrounder in the eleven. 

 Don’t you worry England. Broad has just established himself. He’s the man most fitting to be carrying Freddie on the shoulders once that last Australian wicket falls.

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4 Comments on “England all the way”

  1. KK Says:

    You mentioned Jaques and Rogers – what’s your take on Phil Hughes? I think he was unlucky to be dropped. The guy can murder width, and most right arm opening bowlers in the world will give him the perfect angle to work with. He could, if handled properly, become Australia’s Sehwag.

    • SJK Says:

      I do not mind Phil Hughes.They sorted him out with the short stuff and there werent too many opportunities for him to exhibit his strokeplay. He’s just 20 and has time on his side but they need some old hands now,the Aussies. They’re struggling with this new bunch.Rogers could be very handy.And yes, Hughes needs to be handled well.

  2. KK Says:

    Oh, and check out my cricket blog sometime: http://sanspareilsgreenlands.blogspot.com/

  3. vishwa Says:

    i cant recall y phil jacques was left out da…….they need him back big time………indha watson ellaam thilalangadi opener……… n if watson is an all rounder so is dada sourav…..enna solra machee? 🙂

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