Langer in trouble

Langer on Anderson I’m still wondering how Justin Langer’s document to Tim Nielsen got leaked out.He lives in England now and is going to have a tough time . It was interesting to see what details international cricketers observe in each other.

Here‘s the entire dossier.Sorry Justin.

West Indies cricket is in a sad state today.The WIPA seems to be no better than the board. Tim May and the Australians created a group of the top 80 -90 cricketers in the country (in the late 1980s) in order to get a players’ association going. Dinnanath Ramnarine and co. seem to have the right reasons but they have’nt got all the resources  in their side.A players’ association needs to take care of not only the best 15 players but the best 90 players in the country. WICB, ideally, should make sure that there’s no break up of West Indies cricket into it’s constituent parts.This is huge and  dangerous but looms large.

I wish I ‘re the President of Trinidad and Tobago

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One Comment on “Langer in trouble”

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